Fuck Yeah The Good Wife
2 years ago

Hi all,

As you probably have noticed, I have not been posting to FY! The Good Wife that much lately, due to real life, etc. Before S4 starts, I wanted to open things up and ask if any of you would be interested in coming on board as another mod. I started this blog a couple years ago mostly because I loved the show and was surprised there wasn’t already a FY blog for it, but I definitely don’t have the time to be as organized and thorough as I should be.

So if anyone is interested, please send me an ask or feel free to reply to this post. I’ll leave this up for a couple days before making another announcement. If anyone wants a refresher on the posting policies, you can find them here.



3 years ago
Some quick notes about FY! The Good Wife

We crossed the 500 followers mark awhile back, and I thought it might be a good time to clarify a few things about this blog.

1. FYTGW is a neutral blog celebrating everything about the show The Good Wife. By “neutral” I mean that we’re going to try not to advocate any one ship or what-have-you above any other. The most submissions/reblogs generally are of the Will/Alicia nature, as Tumblr has a lot of Will/Alicia fans making really gorgeous stuff, but give us shiny Kalinda/Will or Alicia/Diane or whatever and we’ll reblog happily. We will not bash any pairings.

1a. Same goes for character bashing. It’s not gonna happen on this blog, regardless of how we may feel about a character personally. “Fuck Yeah” blogs should not bring personal prejudices to the table; that’s what our personal blogs are for. Any submission or question that bashes a character will not be posted.

2. Spoilers: Tumblr is a haven for spoilers, it just is. We can’t make any promises once an episode has aired; however, we’ll do our best to put spoilers for upcoming episodes behind a cut.

3. Submissions: Keep submitting, we love getting submissions! Sometimes though, the submission just translates into a link to your blog, so when that happens, we’ll just reblog the post.

4. No one likes getting spammed, especially not us. We’ll do our best to make judicious use of the queue.

5. Finally, a HUGE thank you to all our followers! We’re so thrilled you love this show as much as we do.

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